“The Center exists on Capitol Hill for the purposes of training and equipping present and future political leaders in the areas of evangelism and statesmanship.”

Want to stand out on Capitol Hill? Lay aside your personal and political agenda. At the Center for Christian Statesmanship, that’s our commitment. Instead of asking for favors or taking sides in the partisan debate, we serve Members of Congress and the more than 20,000 staff who work on Capitol Hill.
How do we do this?

  • Spiritual Outreach: A central goal of the Center is to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to leaders in our nations capital. Through Capitol Hill Bible studies and personal one-on-one ministry.
  • Ministry Training: Another key goal of the Center is to equip our nation’s leaders for ministry and service. We do this through discipleship training (XEE and Share Your Faith Workshops) to better help leaders become more effective in sharing their faith in the public arena.
  • Statesmanship Institute: We believe that it is important for people who are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution should know, understand, and abide by the Constitution. We are here to equip our leaders with knowledge and understanding of our Founding Fathers written Constitution.
  • Restoring a Vision: The final component of the Center’s mission is to help reestablish the principles and practices of Christian Statesmanship.