Asking The Right Questions

Are Christians asking the right questions?

As I see much discourse in today’s U.S. politics, I am wondering if Christians are actually concerned with doing the right thing, or rather, are we simply agreeing with the side that we voted for without first distinguishing the facts from opinions.

Christians need to be asking the right questions.

As I filter through many sources of news I tend to find much more opinion than I do fact. These various opinions shape the way we think about the issues at hand and can create much of the discourse that we see all around us, especially on social media. Social media is inundated with articles full of opinions that
reinforce, in many cases, fiction.

When faced with policy issues at the federal government level, Christians need to be asking the correct question. Does the federal government have the God established authority to legislate on this issue?

In Romans chapter 13 Paul explains, ‘…for there is no authority except that which God has established’. In Rome, the Roman people took an oath to Caesar. Today in America, not only do we the people not take an oath to a person, our elected officials are bound by an oath – or affirmation – to rightly divide the United States Constitution.

Before we debate an issue on the federal level, Christians should ask ourselves, ‘does the federal government have God-established constitutional authority to make law regarding this issue?’

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