About Politics & Principle:

The Center for Christian Statesmanship sponsors a series of monthly informal noontime luncheons for the Capitol Hill community called Politics & Principle. Each luncheon features a modern-day Christian Statesman who shares from a personal perspective the challenges of living out Christian faith in today’s political environment.

By affording national leaders an opportunity to speak candidly on issues of faith, Politics & Principle has created a unique forum for the Hill community.  It is our most widely attended event among congressional staff. If you work on Capitol Hill, we hope you plan to join us for the next scheduled event.

Please join us for the 2016 series of evangelistic luncheons on Capitol Hill. These noontime forums provide an opportunity for government leaders to share how they make their faith a part of everything they do.

All Politics & Principle luncheons are open to congressional staff members and special guests only. A complimentary lunch is served. The program begins at 12:00 noon.