Here’s the Goal… Reach for It!

Here’s a tough question: What are you doing on Capitol Hill? What’s your purpose? What’s your goal?

Each year the Center for Christian Statesmanship recognizes one outstanding public leader as a Distinguished Christian Statesman. But this is much more than an award. (After all, awards are a dime a dozen in politics!) This is an event designed to announce as loudly as possible to the political community: “Here is the goal—reach for it!”

For too long, the goal of politics has been power, or prestige, or pet policies. With this annual award, we set out to change that goal—and thus transform the very matrix of public service. The bottom line is this: we don’t simply want to attach Christian labels to the “game” of politics; we want to transform the game altogether! We want Christian statesmanship to become the answer to why anyone should seek public service.

Is it a lofty dream? You bet. But it is also a reality that is being worked out in the lives of men and women serving on the Hill today. Want evidence? Consider the fascinating stories of the Center’s previous Distinguished Christian Statesman recipients.
Click Here for a list of Distinguished Christian Statesman Award recipients.

“Is statesmanship really possible?” — A message written by the late D. James Kennedy

“What is a Christian statesman?”