Welcome to the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship. God has provided this magnificent building for our ministry purposes just two blocks from the United States Capitol. We are no more than a five minute walk to our U.S. Representatives and about a ten minute walk to our U.S. Senators.


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The Conrad Beton Lecture Hall allows us to hold Politics & Principle luncheons for members of congress and their staff. Every month we have a different congressman stand in this lecture hall and share his faith and how his or her faith impacts their work on Capitol Hill. This serves as a great reminder that faith and politics do intertwine.

The Center’s beautiful dining room serves as a meeting space to hold Bible studies, evangelism training, and statesmanship training. We are equipped to have multiple trainings in this room or in the Conrad Beton Lecture Hall at any given time.

The D. James Kennedy Library on Capitol Hill allows congressional staff a place to research particular legislative issues and to better understand the Biblical perspective. The Center’s staff is willing to help congressional staff point to Biblical truth when dealing with particular issues. This is a great tool for Members and their staff.

We are, also, privileged to have charming office space to meet with members of congress, congressional staff, and interns who might be looking for Biblical truth.